Heartland Animal Hospital

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Reproduction Services

  • Breeding Soundness Exams and Consultations
  • Brucellosis Testing - All breeding animals should be tested prior to being used for breeding.
  • Breeding Timing - including vaginal cytology, progesterone testing and LH testing.
  • Ultrasound Pregnancy Coformation - As soon as 21-28 days from breeding we can confirm pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy Radiographs - Can accurately estimate number of puppies coming in the last week of pregnancy.

Please make an appointment today to discuss your breeding options.

Books We Recommend for Breeders (most can be found on bn.com)

  • The Complete Guide to Whelping and Rearing Puppies by Muriel Lee
  • The Dog Breeders Guide to Successful Breeding and Health Managment by Dr. Peggy Root Kustritz