Quality Veterinary Care

Veterinary Services

Comprehensive veterinary services: Routine exams, diagnostics, radiology, surgery, dental care, and more for your beloved pets’ well-being.

Veterinary Services

At Heartland Animal Hospital, Owatonna, we’re not just your local veterinarians; we’re your partners in your pet’s health journey. From routine check-ups to advanced diagnostics, our team ensures your furry companions lead happy, healthy lives. Dive into our wide array of services below and discover how we go the extra mile for your pets.

Dog with its mouth open
Vets examining dog

Pet Wellness Exams

We prioritize preventive pet healthcare by following AAHA and AAFP guidelines, including core vaccines in our exams, and offering expert home care guidance.

Cat being examined by vet

Pet Diagnostics

Our diagnostic services for sick pets encompass in-house blood work, individual tests for conditions like heartworm and tick-related illnesses, and urinalysis with cultures to provide thorough care.
Cat under ultrasound procedure

Pet Ultrasound

We offer general and specialized ultrasound services, including cardiac evaluations, in-depth assessments of organs like the adrenal glands and pancreas, and the ability to perform biopsies when necessary, allowing for early detection of various health issues in pets.
Vet examining dog's X-ray

Pet Radiology

Our advanced facility offers digital radiology services, delivering rapid, high-quality results with immediate sharing, including access to board-certified radiologists when needed and in-house dental radiographs for comprehensive pet care.
Lady brushing dog's teeth

Pet Dentistry

Our dedicated team provides comprehensive dental care for cats and dogs, including digital dental radiology and safe anesthesia practices, emphasizing prevention and home care for maintaining oral health.

A cat with a cone around its head

Pet Surgery

Our surgical services cover a broad spectrum, from routine spay/neuters to complex soft tissue repairs and precise growth removals, providing comprehensive care for your pet’s surgical requirements.

Vet bandaging dog's paw

Pet Urgent Care

Our dedicated team is here for your pet’s immediate needs, providing expert care and quick attention in critical situations to ensure their well-being.

Vet bandaging dog's paw

Pet Orthopedics

Collaborating with Highline Veterinary Orthopedics, headed by Dr. Dane M. Tatarniuk, a board-certified veterinary surgeon, we offer advanced orthopedic procedures at our clinic, ensuring your pet receives the highest standard of care.
A horse running in water

Equine Veterinary Services

Expert equine veterinary care in Owatonna and beyond. We offer wellness, surgery, 24/7 emergency, and more for your horse’s health.