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                                   Lilies: Fatal Attraction
Lilies are a common fixture in households across the country this time of year.  What many clients don't know is the risk that these flowers hold for curious household cats.  Many members of the lily family are toxic to cats, and ingestion of very small amounts of the plant can lead to signs of toxicity.  All parts of the plant, including leaves, stems and flowers are considered to be toxic.  Related flowers such as the tiger lily, daylilly and stargazer lily have similar toxicity.  

  The kidneys are the target of this toxicity, and kidney failure can develop rapidly.  The feline kidney appears to be extremely sensitive to this toxin; however, this effect is not observed in dogs.  As the effects of this toxicity progress, the kidneys become less capable of clearing waste products from the body.  It is when these waste products accumulate in the blood stream that clinical signs of illness become evident. 

   Symptoms can develop from a few hours to a few days after ingesting or chewing on the plant.  Clients may observe vomiting, loss of appetite, and depression in their cats.  Astute owners may also notice changes in water consumption and litter box habits.

   Early recognition and treatment are critical to a successful outcome.  When pet owners call our office when they notice their cats chewing on a lily plant, we recommend they bring their cats in to our office immediately.  We advise them that making the pet vomit up the plant may reduce the amount of toxin that is absorbed into the system.

   When presented to our clinic, lab work may reveal significant elevations in kidney values and alterations to the body's electrolyyes.  The cornerstone of treatment is to provide agressive fluid support through an IV catheter.  Other medications may be added to the treatment to prevent stomach upset and stimulate urine production.  In severe cases, dialysis may be considered.

   If your cat recovers from the acute toxicity, it is likely that there will be some long-term effects in the form of chronic kidney disease.  Cats are tolerant of low levels of kidney dysfunction and can still have extended, good quality lives with this condition.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Taken from the "BluePearl Companion," Summer, 2015




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